Wednesday 26 September 2007

Hedgehog Tutorial

Hedgehog Tutorial

Equipment Required

Old kitchen tile or smooth work surface
Piece of old slate or similar
Brown fimo and beige fimo scraps are idea for this project
Clay shaper
Cocktail stick or needle
Clay shaper or a similar tool
Black seed beads
Acrylic taxidermy eyes..2mm
Reindeer moss
Twigs tiny…
Optional - teeny dried leaves – miniature flowerpot

Here we go then - Lets get making!

First take your brown and beige Fimo scraps, roll each into little balls Brown about a 1cm in size the beige a bit smaller. Attach the beige to the brown and shape so it resembles a little teardrop. Pushing and smoothing so it is a solid unit.

Place on your tile and press down so the underneath is flat. Then take a needle or cocktail stick and start to stroke quite hard at the fimo to resemble the little thorns of his coat – just on the brown. Then shape around his little face…as he is going to be quite hidden, the top part is the part to concentrate on…

Take your clay shaper or shaping tool of your choice and start to press in little holes for his eyes, take two seed beads and pop into the holes and gently press around to secure.

Now start to shape at his little face and smooth out his nose a bit. Take either a larger seed bead or like I have shown here in the picture some black acrylic taxidermy eyes, take of one and gently press it into the end of the nose. Remember a hedgehog has a little round pointy up nose…so these little beads or eyes are really good for the job.

Now take your needle and lift up a few of the hedgehogs coat so they look quite pointy.

Cook him..

Now take you slate piece, reindeer moss and twigs, leaves…Place the hedgehog where you want him on the slate bed and glue him down. Take some reindeer moss and stick that down around the hedgehog or where you want it. If you have a little miniature garden pot this would be an ideal thing to use. Stick the twigs through the reindeer moss. Make it look as realistic as you can. I also sometimes use my bonsai’s old teeny leaves for this…but I didn’t have any this time…they are about the right size for this little project.

Now you have finished it…

You can place him where you like in your miniature project in that garden you are making, or a fantasy project. Make some teeny tiny baby ones to add character… some mini flowers, or in a flowerbed – the ideas are endless.

Have Fun!!!

SJ © sjminis 2007

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